Who Are Thirsty Dudes?

Thirsty Dudes are a duo of bearded, awesome, thirsty, straightedge dudes who love strange drinks. All of our reviewed drinks are non-alcoholic. That's about the only thing we won't drink.

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Thanks and bottoms up!

The Thirsty Dudes

Mike Literman: 1766 Reviews

Mike loves new drinks. He's drank some gross stuff in his day, and this blog is making him drink even more against his will. That being said, he wouldn't trade it in for the world. He loves new beverages and is always, and always will be, on a quest for something new.

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Jason Draper: 2751 Reviews

Jason plays bass in Failures' Union and owns/operates a screen printing shoppe called Wooden T-Shirts. He also eats veggie dogs by the gallon.

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Derek Neuland: 496 Reviews

After 4 years, 6 cavities, and 2 pulled teeth, Derek has decided to hang up the bottle opener. You can keep up with his (mostly) sugar-free writing and photography at derekneuland.com.

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