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Hubert's Lemonade Original

Hubert's Lemonade Original

Part I:
I don't get it. If you have one sugar, why don't you stick with it? If you are sweetening primarily with cane sugar, why add rebiana, which is a stevia extract? You've clearly already made your decision to sweeten one, way, are you trying to cheapen costs by "watering down" your sugar by adding fake sugar? This is the equivalent of cutting cocaine with baking soda to "break even".

Part II:
3/4 of people that drank this didn't like it. It's very sweet, and had a very harsh lemon "pinch". You know what that is, right? Like when you drink something sour and your cheeks contract? Pinch. Got it? There is lemon in the bottle, this is true and it's not lemon flavor, it's actually made from lemon concentrate. It tastes like kids lemonade. Good when you're hot, but the mix just isn't right. It is very sweet, but there is also a strong lemon kick to it, so I can't pinpoint what's "wrong". Maybe there isn't, but this is not the best lemonade I've had.

Look...I want to like this, I really do. I don't know why? It's just a drink, but sometimes you just get a good feeling. I had high hopes for Hubert's. Good, classic bottles with nice, embossed labels and a cute story about how it was founded way back in 1935. Something changed in the last 75 years that slightly modified the recipe, I can almost guarantee.

Could it be because it is fall and I'm wearing a jacket that this just isn't getting the review it deserves? Could I just not be thirsty enough? If a child poured this into a Dixie cup and sold it to me for a quarter, would it taste better? I don't know. Someone else buy this and let me know what I'm missing if I am, in fact, missing something.

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Mike Literman on October 18th, 2010
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