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JC's Southern Style Sweet Tea

JC's Southern Style Sweet Tea

What happens when a boy from the South meets a girl from south of the South; Jamaica? Hilarity ensues. Watch as this crazy couple fights their way to love in this fantastic summer comedy. See Dax Shepherd in his best role since the 2006's smash hit, Idiocracy as a twenty-year-old Southern man on spring break meets Janet (played by both Tia and Tamara Mowry) on a trip to Jamaica. Dax Shepherd has a culture shock when he sees what Janet drinks, spiced pineapple juice. When Irwin (Shepherd) makes Janet try the South's iconic drink, sweet tea, the two fight it out for days, making everyone on the island try both drinks to decide which is better.

This romantic comedy turns sad when they can't decide and part ways with only one day left in Irwin's vacation. My favorite scene is where they are running around a fishing village like two chickens with their heads cut off and bump into each other, spilling their drinks into an empty DG Ting bottle. A man (Mos Def, uncredited) comes by, and says, "Hey mon, I thought that I drank this Ting ting." and proceeds to drink this mixture that the couple accidentally made. He said that he loved it because it was like the taste of the Caribbean mixed with the best American drink he had ever had, sweet tea. He then arbitrarily gave the drink a four, as if he were rating it, and then dove in the water and caught a fish with his bare hands.

All in all, I give this movie two thumbs up. The dynamic between the two protagonists really tugs at the heartstrings, regardless of how light this movie appears. Frankie Muniz did a wonderful job writing the screenplay for this film. Catch "Bag Juice" this holiday season in most theaters nationwide.

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Mike Literman on December 8th, 2011
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