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C+ Swiss The Original Hemp Ice Tea

C+ Swiss The Original Hemp Ice Tea

Several people told me that they have never seen me as excited as when I found this drink in a corner store in New Brunswick, NJ. I screamed and giggled like a small child. I'm pretty sure I also was jumping up and down. Let it be known that I don't smoke pot ever, but I think the idea of this is completely ridiculous and hysterical and just thinking about how many people out there probably think that drinking this will get you high is almost too much for me to handle. On top of that the beverages logo is a pot leaf frozen in an ice cube. It's pure gold.

I strangely don't mind the flavor of this either. The way the flavor washed over your mouth is like watching a good DJ making a perfect transition between songs. It starts off tasting like a normal lemon iced tea. The lemon is actually pretty strong. Then as the lemon is slowly fading out the faders on the hemp flavor are moving up. There is a brief moment when they are in perfect balance, but before you can acknowledge it the hemp gets louder, while the lemon just fades away. There's really no other way to describe the hemp flavor other than it tastes the way a bag of weed smells. We've all got stoner friends who usually have weed on them, and we all know exactly what that dried plant smells like before it's smoked. That smell is the flavor. A friend who enjoys getting "lifted" says it tastes like stems and seeds. Ridiculous. I can't believe I don't hate the way this tastes, but I find it interesting.

I don't mean this as an afterthought, but I figured I should actually talk about the way the drink tastes first, but check out the packaging of this drink. It's way cool. It's a cardboard can. It's pretty much a drink in a Push Up Pop container. I absolutely love it, and I wish more drinks came in this format.

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Jason Draper on December 21st, 2011
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