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Guarana Antactica

Guarana Antactica

On a recent trip to Antarctica, Frank was visiting his friend who was a scientist. His friend had lived up there for a couple years and knew the lay of the land. Not much goes on up there outside of polar ice cap research and daily penguin feedings. His friend was explaining to him about how a couple years back, the president of Brazil, Sir Angelico Velasquez, made a deal with the people of Antarctica that if he comes down to their lab, he can crash on their couch so he doesn't have to spring for a night at the wildly expensive Holiday Inn. In exchange, he brings in a case of their famed Guarana drink and he named it after them. Sure, he made the same deal with his own people but Velasquez is not the type of man to stay at a place like the Holiday Inn, not because he's cheap and not because he has anything wrong with them, just because if anyone wants him dead, as people often do, it's much easier to find him at the lone Holiday Inn or Red Roof Inn than if he's staying at one random, lucky person's house.

Frank took a can of the drink after that long history lesson and took a big sip. At first he didn't see what was so special about it. It just tastes like carbonated, sweetened water. Shortly after there was a wave of subtle, tropical fruit flavor. It was right up Frank's alley. Not too sweet and not too strong.

A few days later, Frank headed towards the airport to go home. Once inside, he saw a bunch of large men with guns surrounding a tiny, frail man. Frank knew that was Sir Velasquez and yelled, "Hey Angelico. Have a nice stay." Angelico, without missing a step yelled back, "Hey thanks, buddy. Have a nice flight." Good guy, that Angelico.

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Mike Literman on December 5th, 2012
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