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Nth Degree Enhanced Sports Drink Raspberry

Nth Degree Enhanced Sports Drink Raspberry

You’re probably thinking the same thing as I am, “Why would someone create a new sports drink when there are so many on the market that no one seems to drink?” This is true. For decades Gatorade has had the market on lockdown. Sure Powerade tried to step up, but it always seemed like a lesser version of the original(?). In recent years Body Armor has been making a big push to steal the crown, but I’m not sure how far they have gotten. I mean you don’t see a cooler of Body Armor getting dumped on the coach when a professional team wins. I’m not trying to talk down on these companies, well maybe Powerade, but it seems like people like to stick with what they know, and in this niche market they certainly know Gatorade.

The thing that makes Nth Degree stand out is that they use Palatinose aka Isomaltulose as a sweetener. The benefit of that is that it is fully digested slower than most sweeteners so the energy from the “sugar” is spread out over a longer period of time. It also has a low glycemic index and supports fat oxidation. All of those sound like good things to me. They also sound like the things that would help them fight their way to the top of the sports drink empire. It’s full of B vitamins and electrolytes, so it should be a full service sports drink. I will say that it has a decent taste to it as well. It has the familiar taste you would expect from such a drink but there’s something else there as well. It has a slightly different texture than I expected. It’s a little thick, but not in a corn syrup way. The raspberry flavor tastes artificial, but it’s not offensive. To top it all off the taste of the stevia doesn’t run rampant.

Do I think this will kick Gatorade out of top ranking? No, I think the company has been far to ingrained in American sports. I do think that if they had come out at the same time that the coolers wouldn’t be orange or green anymore with a G on them.

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Jason Draper on April 17th, 2017
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