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Sponsor Electrolyte Beverage Original

Sponsor Electrolyte Beverage Original

Man, after that great game of baseball I'm exhausted. I'm so hungry and thirsty at the same time. I want a roast beef on weck, salted pretzel, and a nice lemon lime Gatorade. Strange that this place doesn't have hot dogs and hamburgers, isn't it? You don't carry Gatorade and all you carry is Sponsor? Well alright, I'll take it if you say it's as good as Gatorade. Well anyhow, thanks for all the food. Here's $15 for all of it, which I feel is a bit exorbitant but what do I know? I'm an eleven years old boy that hasn't taken a single course in economics.

Let me just set everything up here. I'm totally going to slay this cup of Sponsor. I wonder why they didn't just give me the nice, resealable bottle it came in and they wasted a styrofoam cup. I mean, it all fit in this cup, it seems like a waste to me, but what do I know, I'm eleven? Alright, so I've taken the lid off of the cup because I don't want anything standing in between me and this drink. I'm going to eat this pretzel first. Woops! Some of the salt fell into my Gatorade. Eh, a little salt never hurt anyone. Take a sip of my drink here...it's a little salty, but I'm so thirsty it doesn't matter.

Let's get to the main course, the roast beef on weck, which I just dropped the top of into my Gato...Sponsor. Great. Whatever. It's still delicious. Wow, there is a lot of salt in there now. Welp, bottoms up. Alright, that's gross. That's too much salt. It was fine with just pretzel salt but now with this weck salt, it's gross. Mom? Can we get some actual Gatorade? This place is the pits. Oh, where did I learn that phrase? Grandpa. Why shouldn't I use it? It's not stupid!

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Mike Literman on May 31st, 2011
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