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Sunup Green Coffee

Sunup Green Coffee

This beverage leads me to ask the question, Why waste your time roasting coffee beans when you can just brew the green beans? As it turns out you’ll save time and it has a more palatable taste (according to my taste buds). You also get the same amount of caffeine plus some antioxidants.

If someone were to ask me to describe how this tastes I would immediately respond that it tastes like someone brewed a pot of coffee, dumped it down the drain, then somehow brewed some yerba mate tea in the same coffee maker without cleaning it out. After that they dumped a bunch of sugar in it. It has a very earthy taste (hence the yerba mate descriptor) and only vaguely tastes like the coffee flavor that comes to mind when you think about said beverage.

This is definitely something that tastes extremely weird and off the first time you try it. I quickly grew to enjoy it though. It’s an entirely different beast than your typical coffee, and I could see it turning off hardcore coffee fans who may see it as a bastardization of their holy beverage (coffee people are crazy, right?). On the other hand I could see it being something that those who don’t normally like coffee enjoy (oh look, that’s me).

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Jason Draper on October 12th, 2016
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