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Cici Jelly Juice Strawberry

Cici Jelly Juice Strawberry

Woah jelly. Get it? Like "Woah Nelly," the debut album from Nelly Furtado. Get it? Hilarious. I'm hilarious. I also write all my own jokes. Ladies, seriously, I'm a gem.

This is a strange drink. Do I need to say that? It comes in a bag like a Capri Sun except with a pre-installed straw. Nice of Cici to do so. Thanks, Cici. This drink has nata de coco but it is more like an aloe vera than, say a
Mogu Mogu drink. It's also way less "stingy" than that but, in exchange, way more potent. Almost like a strawberry perfume. Something girls would wear in 4th grade to attract boys, even though 4th grades should spend more time on long division and less time on perfume and boys.

Alas, this is not a great drink. I'm no yuppie, but I find this drink uncivilized. Kids though? Kids would/should/do (probably) love this stuff. You can too for the ultra low price of around 70 cents. They have a lot of different flavors, too, and multipacks with a couple in it. This of them like juice-boxes, in bags, with chunks, built in straws, and less good.

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Mike Literman on December 16th, 2010
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