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Bigelow Chai Latte Mocha

Bigelow Chai Latte Mocha

I don't really do chai. I don't do coffee. This should not have been something that I bought. That's what I thought before I tried it. Hey, sometimes when you see things that look interesting, you have to just suck it up and try something new.

Since I don't drink chai, I'm not too familiar with how it is supposed to taste or smell. I can tell you that because of this, I think that it smells a bit like bubble gum. Strange? I know. It's not a turn off. It's just not what one would think when reading the flavors. It might be mocha and light, light coffee together with the milk. Whatever. To me, if there were such thing as mocha bubble gum, this would be the smell.

Now on to the taste portion of this competition. It tastes good. It's creamy and doesn't have too much coffee. It's more of an undertone than a prominent flavor. The mocha covers that up nicely. I don't get a lot of tea, if I get any at all.

This company also makes the same drink in a vanilla, as opposed to the mocha that I'm doing now. I bet it's nice, but for my money if I have to get a spiced tea, I'd stick with Thai tea.

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Mike Literman on November 3rd, 2010
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