Acai Juice + Coconut Water (1 review)

Acai Roots Organic Acai Juice + Coconut Water

Acai Roots Organic Acai Juice + Coconut Water

I hope you really enjoy this week’s date night. You know how we’ve been talking about making each date night theme oriented? Well I decided to put that into action. At first I thought about having it French night, but that just seemed too obvious. I thought and thought on it, and well…. Welcome to Brazil honey!

To start things off we’ll be going downtown to the east side in order to try and authentically recreate the atmosphere of the favelas of Rio De Janeiro. We may have to get a later start than usual to make sure it’s already completely dark out for things to feel right. I mean what would a Brazilian date night be without getting harassed and potentially robbed at knifepoint?

I know what you’re thinking, where are we going to get authentic Brazilian food here in Buffalo, NY? Don’t you worry I found this guy who will let us come to his house and he will cook us up some nice feijoada. He said he has 12 roommates along with 23 cats and 14 dogs, but hey the more the merrier! Oh yes, feijoada is a stew of pork, sausage and smoked meat cooked with black beans and garlic, garnished with slices of orange. I know you don’t eat meat, but I figured you could make an exception in order to make date night authentic.

After dinner, assuming that we haven’t been mugged and stabbed with a makeshift knife, we will catch a nice game of soccer. It will be pretty late at that point, so I found a DVD of a game from about 10 years ago. The nice fellow who will be cooking for us said we could watch it in his room. Only four other people share the room, so it should be nice and cozy. He just said to make sure the DVD is the right region. I don’t know what that means, but we’ll figure it out.

Oh, oh I forgot to mention that I scored a bottle of the traditional Brazilian drink acai juice mixed with coconut water. It’s a match made in heaven. The negative aspects of each drink neutralize each other. It’s like it’s an acai juice that isn’t harsh and is a little chalky tasting. It doesn’t really taste like coconut water at all, well minus the slight chalkiness. I know how much you like acai juice, but can only drink a tiny glass of it. This way you can chug a nice 16 ounce glass with no issues at all.

So, what do you think? Is this going to be the best date night ever or what? What do you mean you’re breaking up with me. I put so much effort into this. How could you say that it sounds like a night from hell? This is authentic Brazil here! For Brazil night you want it to be all beaches and Carnival? Well it looks like we have different versions of a good time. Hey come back here when I’m talking to you, and bring back my juice!

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Jason Draper on January 16th, 2012
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