Barley Tea Drink (1 review)

Young Energy Source Barley Tea Drink

Young Energy Source Barley Tea Drink

I don't know what was wrong with just calling it "Barley Tea". I don't know why they had to append "Drink" to the end of it. The only ingredients are mineral water, fructose, and sugar. Barley is probably in there somewhere, but there really isn't anything that would turn it into a "Tea Drink" instead of just a "Tea".


I bought this in the largest size possible, over 60oz, because I wanted it to taste like the Uni Barley Black Tea but it didn't and now I have to deal with 60+ ounces of regret.

That's a bit strong. It's not bad, it's just not what I wanted it to be. I wanted that smooth taste that I got with the other one. It heavily barley flavored and not so "chocolaty" like I described the Uni drink.

If you like the taste of barley, get a giant bottle. It's a very good, true flavor. I just wanted something different. I wonder if Uni makes a 60+oz bottle. I deserve it. I'm wonderful.

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Mike Literman on December 16th, 2010
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