Berry Grape (1 review)

Cell-nique Super Green Drink Berry Grape

Cell-nique Super Green Drink Berry Grape

In retrospect, which doesn't count ever since it's too late, I wish we had done the dark chocolate review later in the game. I feel that we would have "gotten" the drink a little bit more. They have gotten increasingly better with every drink. Don't get me wrong. It's still a strange drink. It’s wonderful for you, but strange as could be. Sludgy. Dirty. Sandy.

Mike, not me, but one of the other Mike's in our office needed a "pick me up" drink. We went over to the fridge and I ran through the list. Pop? No. Lemonade? No. Tea? No. This? Oh yeah. I made him shake it because it's gratifying to watch the junk on the bottom mix into the dirt water looking drink.

Here's the thing,'s good. It is actually berry flavored. I don't know about grape, but it's a pretty honest berry flavor. There's the grit in your teeth that you learn to love with Cell-Nique stuff, too, especially at the bottom of the bottle. It's a good fruity flavor and although some people here who tried it thought it wasn't good, I think that it is and this is my site and I'm giving it a 4.

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No Sugar Added
Juice, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Mike Literman on April 15th, 2011
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