C-Boost (1 review)

Bolthouse Farms C-Boost

Bolthouse Farms  C-Boost

This is my "I feel like I'm about to die, I really need to get better" go-to drink. I mean this small bottle has 2400% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. There is also a butt load of other vitamins and minerals as well. I know it's not really the cure all I pretend it to be, but I'll let myself continue to believe it. I was shocked to see that orange juice was not one of the ingredients. It's mostly a blend of acerola cherries, apple juice and mango puree. There are also some camu camu fruit and maitake mushrooms mixed in for good measure. On top of all the health benefits of the drink, it tastes spectacular. It has a nice thickness and it's just refreshing.

United States
Naturally Sweetened
Juice, Smoothie
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Jason Draper on October 8th, 2010
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