Camu Superberry (1 review)

Ahhmigo Immunity Camu Superberry

Ahhmigo Immunity Camu Superberry

Raw foods are all the rage for those interested in a healthier lifestyle. Personally it’s not for me, but I support anyone that wants to go that route. I am a creature of dietary routine, as my ladyfriend will complain, and I’m sure after a small adjustment period I would get used to that diet, but the thought hurts my head, and to be honest I just don’t care enough to do it.

As far as raw foods go I never considered that some beverages would be off the table. I never think about pasteurization as cooking a beverage, but that’s what it is. Knowing that makes eating raw even further from any reality I would want. Ahhmigo makes sure their beverages are raw though. Instead they freeze dry all of the flavor and ingredients and store them in the cap. When you’re ready to drink it, you press that sucker down and give the bottle a healthy shaking. It mixes it all up and you end up getting more nutrients out of it all. Not only is it an interesting little thing, but it’s also better for you. We have a win-win situation here.

As far as taste goes like all of the drinks in this line, this is pretty light. It’s more of flavored water than a juice (obviously). It’s taste is mainly camu, even though there are a whole mess of other ingredients in there to help ward off sickness. I could do without the stevia, even though I have a suspicion that without sweetener this would be a whole different drink. I was surprised to find that they put the stevia in the cap and not in the water. Also, even though I’ve shaken this vigorously on three separate occasions I still feel like undissolved bits of freeze dried cap matter are getting caught in my throat. The sacrifices we make for a healthier diet.

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Jason Draper on November 12th, 2013
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