Carolina Honey (1 review)

Argo Tea Carolina Honey

Argo Tea Carolina Honey

Gorgeous packaging is a selling point to me. I like when people put some time and effort and thought into it. Shouldn't everyone? Does anyone not care when an item is packaged nicely? All you Mac fan-boys, you don't love how well your hundredth iPod is packaged? They do a better job of their packaging than their products. What? How many iPods have you owned because they last about a year and a half before they just stop working. Alright, alright. I'll stop. Now back to drinks.

This tea is fantastic. It's such a dark brew of black tea. One of the darkest ready-to-drink beverages I've ever had. I think that companies try and play it safe. They brew it lightly so that it's not as heavy but brother, this is not that company. It's perfectly sweetened and you can really taste the honey, which isn't overshadowed by the sugar.

This is my first drink from Argo and it will not be my last. You hear me, friends? It will not be my last. I only know one place around here, which is Merge Restaurant in Buffalo, that I can get it, but I hope that Argo steps up their distribution, charges a little less, and pleases me and you by making it more readily available.

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Mike Literman on May 20th, 2011
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