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Hollywood Organic Carrot Juice

Hollywood Organic Carrot Juice

Ladies and Gentlemen, in an effort to gain superhuman sight I shall now consume no food other than carrots and drink nothing other than carrot juice. I am sick of this normal vision. I dream of a day when I can read at night and more importantly look through a closet refrigerator door so that I can realize there is nothing I want to eat inside without wasting the manual and electrical energy.

I will start this experiment in greatness with this carton of juice. 11.2 fl oz of freedom is what I hold in my hand. Hmm. This doesn’t taste like actual carrots nearly as much as I imagined. Since the only ingredient is organic carrot juice I really expected this to taste like I chewed up a carrot for about 15 minutes. This is actually much sweeter than I anticipated. I would have sworn there was sugar added, but nope. It tastes like a juice of some sort that is vaguely carrot tasting and lightly sweetened. I’m kind of disappointed that it doesn’t taste exactly like carrots, but I but if I drank a juice that did and this back to back, this would win out. Not bad.

What’s what Sally? If I eat nothing but carrots my skin will start to turn orange? Well I want no part of that. I will leave the gift of super sight to rabbits and cats. He’s to wasting fridge energy!

No Sugar Added
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Jason Draper on July 5th, 2011
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