Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla (1 review)

Ayala Herbal Tea Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla

Ayala Herbal Tea Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla

You’ve had a long day. Work was rough. Well it wasn’t rough in the sense that you did something wrong and were scolded, it was just a long day and you worked hard. You accomplished a lot, so you feel good about it, but you’re just beat. How about you plop down in your nice recliner, let your cat and/or dog curl up with you, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read (I’ve seen you eyeing up that Morrissey autobiography) and just relax.

I have a tea that would go perfectly with what you’re about to do. It’s a chamomile tea with vanilla and bergamot in it. Of course you have no idea what bergamot is, neither did I, so don’t feel bad. Not knowing makes this drink a little weird, as there is a strong flavor that you just can’t place. That flavor is orange skin aka bergamot. It’s used in Earl Grey tea. As soon as I discovered what it was the weird flavor made sense and it made the drink all the more enjoyable. It’s like someone made some nice vanilla chamomile tea and let some orange rinds soak in it for a bit. I don’t know why someone would do such a think, but it makes for an interesting drink. I have to admit that I prefer that the strength of the rinds and the vanilla were switched, as I would love for this to have strong vanilla flavor, but of well.

Take some sips off of this bottle of tea as you read a few dozen pages of Oscar Wilde Jr’s life. Before you know it you will be so relaxed that you will drift off to sleep until your phone alarm wakes you up at 6am and it’s time to put in the real work once again.

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Jason Draper on January 13th, 2014
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