Chamomile Tea (1 review)

Honeydrop Deluxe Chamomile Tea

Honeydrop Deluxe Chamomile Tea

Zack is afraid of bees. He wasn't always. When he worked yardscaping, he used to stare bees right in their yellow and black faces as they repetitiously stung him here, there, and everywhere in between. One day he was mowing a lawn and bumped the lawnmower right into a tree. A beehive came down right on his head like in the cartoons and he ran around the yard blind and got stung over and over again. He had really upset the bees that time and he knew it.

From that day on, Zack had become allergic to bees. If he got stung, he would have to take medicine or it would be difficult for him to breathe. His once cocky immunity was now left behind in exchange for a constant fear of the buzzing little buggers.

When he was at a local store, he came across this drink. "Made from pure honey..." he muttered to himself as he placed the bottle in his cart. The added flavors of chamomile tea would most certainly calm him down about his tasty revenge on the bees. When he got home, he threw some ice in a glass, poured half the bottle in, and prepared for a very relaxing summer day. After "the event," Zack hadn't really spent a lot of summers outdoors because he was afraid anytime anything made a sound even close to a "buzz." This was truly going to be "the summer of Zack." One sip in, though, he realized that not all was as good as it used to be. This tea had a very strong chamomile taste and almost tasted waxy. Now anyone who has eaten real honeycomb knows that there is wax in it, so it's at least explainable, but perhaps not desirable in drink form. Between the natural honey and the chamomile, there was a bit of a zesty zip to it. Relaxing, yes, but it had a lot more body than he had anticipated.

Zack vowed never to do yard work without his official bee suit on again after that dreaded day, but this drink will bring him one step closer to getting an apology for the day the bees took away his ability to enjoy the sun.

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Mike Literman on December 26th, 2011
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