Cherry Pom (1 review)

Galliker's Iced Tea Cherry Pom

Galliker's Iced Tea Cherry Pom

Carl was a pretty cool dude. He always wore a jean jacket no matter what the weather was. He always wore jeans and a white shirt. Now that I think about it, it sounds a lot like someone else we know about. He would always go around slamming jukeboxes in fifty's style restaurants even though it never worked and more than likely would get him yelled at by the staff. They knew what he was up to and they weren't buying it. It was one thing when he was in his twenties but in his forties and into his fifties, it seemed as if he was holding on to something for too long.

One day while riding his motorcycle down a highway, he stopped at a gas station to get something to drink and fuel up. He filled up the tank and went into the shop and grabbed a pre-made turkey sandwich and a bottle of the shops own cherry pomegranate iced tea. He sat down outside under an umbrella to eat before hitting the road again. He took a bit of the sandwich and it was not very good but when he took a sip of the iced tea, he was relieved. It was a good iced tea that somehow tasted like cherries, pomegranate and still left room for some iced tea taste. It wasn't too sweet and he knew that he was going to have no problem choking down that awful sandwich after this rather good drink.

As soon as he finished lunch, a group of three teenage kids started walking towards Carl. He thought they were going to make fun of him for being "too old to be cool" or something. They walked up and said, "Hey, that's a really nice bike." and Carl lit up. He thanked them and let them sit on it. It was time for everyone to leave and he gave everyone high fives and as the last one left, the youngest one told Carl, "You're a pretty cool dude." and that's all that he needed to feel like a million bucks again.

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Mike Literman on August 25th, 2013
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