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San Pellegrino Chinotto

San Pellegrino Chinotto

I don't like regular San Pellegrino. I'm not a huge fan of seltzer or sparkling water. My girlfriend loves it and always asks for soda water with lemon any time we go to a restaurant. I try it once every three months and hate on it every time.

This is different. It's got a dry cola taste with a strong, citrus taste to it. It tastes like an orange rind would taste, but not like an orange juice pop might. The chinotto isn't an orange, but it's got to be from the same family as it's the same shape, color, scent, and so on.

I like this. It's different. It's very bitter and it's a dry cola taste. It's a sipping drink. A large gulp might be too much, much like eating a handful of orange peels, which you would never do unless you hated yourself.

This was recommended by a friend who told me it was an Italian favorite and an acquired taste. You can probably get it at most larger grocery stores or any Italian market.

Juice, Sparkling
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Mike Literman on October 26th, 2010
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