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Good Earth Black Tea Cocoa Tango

Good Earth Black Tea Cocoa Tango

Daryl, this chocolate is great. Most chocolate is great but we need to step it up. No one wants regular "mom and pop" chocolate forever. We've made our name at this farmer's market by making quality chocolate but we need to step it up. The people have spoken and they are bored. Let's get something that figuratively punches them right in the face. Something different. Something to set us apart. Something like...pickles! No. That's gross plus the vinegar from the pickles will mix with the milk from the chocolate and provide nothing but an instantly spoiled mess. What else? Candy inside chocolate is hackneyed. Cereal? Bleh. No thanks. What else. Oh, I've got an idea, hold on a sec.

Look at these. Chilis from Sharon over there. I gave her a chocolate bar and she gave us a handful of chilis. If we mince these up, boil them down and extract the flavor and heat, we could cook it with the chocolate and have spicy chocolate. Yeah, I know it's been done before but I think that people here at this market would appreciate a little pain with their pleasure. Look at that old lady over there. You know she needs a little kick in the pants. Let's do it. I just want to try it first here in its raw format. Oh, Daryl, this is something else. Try this, dude. Wait...where are you going?

Where did you go? Is this a cup of tea? Thanks man, I appreciate...wait...what is this? This is a liquid version of what we just made. This is a packaged tea? Good Earth made this? It''s just like what we made. It's spicy and has a pretty strong chocolate taste with a hint of Stevia which we don't use but is actually pretty good in this tea.

So what do we do? We still pursue it, right? It's still a good idea. We need to change it up. Using this tea as a model, we will make fantastic new chocolate bars. Thanks, Daryl. You're a good partner. Let's try to think of other things we can concoct. Broccoli? Gross. Farm fresh eggs? No. Daryl, do you want this or not?

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Mike Literman on May 6th, 2014
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