Cranberry Lemon Green Tea (1 review)

Made 10 Calorie Cranberry Lemon Green Tea

Made 10 Calorie Cranberry Lemon Green Tea

Jay and I are like brothers. Here are some little known facts about us:

  1. We moved in together on someone else's suggestion after about two days of really knowing each other.

  2. We wrote a ton of songs about barbecues.

  3. We lived together without having a single fight.

  4. We've seen each other's girlfriend's naked. Not current ones, but one girlfriend back each.

That's a close list of stuff, right? What more do you need to know you are compatible? Nothing. Jay knows what I like and he saw this Made and knew that it was a drink for me.

The cranberry of this drink is the number one flavor. It's prevalent and very strong and bites you the whole way through this euphonious ride. The lemon comes and goes. It's there but it goes and you don't miss it. The green tea does the same, but the cranberry easily trumps the bitterness of it. There is an odd but very Made flavor and it might be the final ingredient, Sucralose. It's not a deal breaker, ladies. It's fine. If I saw this again, I would drink it. I would recommend it to a friend. That means a lot because I drink a lot.

Jay and I like Made. Jay and I like each other. Jay and I like cooking on a grill with friends. We're great to be around. Find us. We'll entertain you.

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Diet, Iced Tea, Lemonade
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Mike Literman on July 10th, 2012
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