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Peace Tea Diet Green Tea

Peace Tea Diet Green Tea

“To achieve a hippy utopia through the use of brewed beverages.” I’m pretty sure that is the mission statement of the Peace Tea company. For the most part I think they might be on the right track. Their beverages are inexpensive so the common man can afford them. They also use decent sweeteners for health reasons. On top of all of that 90% of their line of teas taste pretty fantastic. It’s a tea nearly everyone can afford and enjoy and isn’t that the basis for a utopian civilization?

As far as I know this is the only diet tea they have yet to put out. I had my reservations about it, hence it took me so long to actually get around to drinking and reviewing it. Happily it wasn’t all that bad. In fact I straight up enjoyed it. The strength of the green tea overpowered the sucralose and it didn’t have that gross diet taste to it, well not too much. I honestly expected to drink a couple of sips of this and then pass it off to someone else, but I ended up downing it all myself. When it was nice and cold is when it was at its peak. The warmer it got the more the sucralose was noticeable.

My only question for the company is if you’re striving for peace, what’s up with all of the weird propaganda slogans on your cans? Are you trying to lull everyone into a sense of peace and well being and then arise as our new overlords? Are you actually the bringers of the apocalypse? Either way, good job on the tea. I’ll be drinking many more.

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Jason Draper on July 1st, 2012
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