Egyptian Licorice (1 review)

Yogi Egyptian Licorice

Yogi Egyptian Licorice

I will never forget the first time I had this tea. I was in a band and we were recording our first record. The studio was at the dude's house and he had a roommate. In between us recording parts, we would hang out around his house. His roommate had a tea in the fridge that he just made which was hot brewing a pot of tea and then pouring it over ice and throwing it into the fridge. He offered me a glass and since I have been one to turn down new drinks. I took one sip and I was in love. From that point on, which was 2005, I have had this in stock at my house. I don't like to not have it because I like to have it when I want it. I buy it myself so I don't consider it being spoiled.

How do describe this. First of all, it's a cleaner licorice than you would expect. If you are thinking this is like drinking a tea that had a handful of black licorice Twizzlers, you could not be more incorrect. It's a light licorice with a little bit of cinnamon and a secret cooling flavor that is awesome. This tea is great at any temperature. I made a hot cup of tea earlier, drank some, went to lunch, and then came back and drank cold tea. Just as good. Over ice? Just as good. Hot as the sun? Just as good. Also, you can make multiple cups with one bag. This tea cannot lose.

I don't drink coffee. I feel like I could make it in England because I drink a lot of tea. I would also drink a Brit's amount of tea if this were the tea that I had to drink. Can I do that? Dear "the public." Can you send me to England to see if I can keep up with the amount of tea the UK drinks while only drinking this Egyptian Licorice tea? I hope the answer is "yes." Love, Mike Literman.

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Mike Literman on August 2nd, 2012
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