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51 Fifty Extreme Energy Drink

51 Fifty Extreme Energy Drink

Energy drinks throw around terms like “Intense” and “Fierce” all the time. It’s all about marketing and those are the kind of words that are going to catch people’s eyes and make them think they will get the most bang for their buck, if you will. When you take a already potent energy drink and triple the active ingredients in a smaller can; you better believe them when they label it extreme.

I was not ready for this. It was 7PM, I had just eaten a large meal, and I knew I needed to be awake and alert until 4am or so. I know when I drink an energy drink on an empty stomach it gives me the jitters, but when I eat a meal I am normally fine. I didn’t even drink this entire can (about ¾ of it) and within a half hour I was feeling a bit insane. I was a bit shaky and I could feel an energy in my entire body that needed to be put to use. Basically, I felt a more intense version of how I feel when I drink a normal energy drink on an empty stomach. It kept me going all night, and at 4am I was home and still pretty jacked up. I decided to drink a Marley Mellow Mood to be able to get some sleep, and let me tell you that was a terrible idea. Sure, my mind relaxed and I was able to sleep, but apparently my body just kept going. When I woke up the following day I felt like total garbage. It was as if I has not slept at all, and had been doing vigorous activity all night. So yeah, I don’t advise mixing your downers with your uppers. I would make a terrible pill head.

As you can see the functionality of this drink worked wonderfully. Unfortunately that is not our main concern here at Thirsty Dudes. Flavor is first and foremost in our world, and that was lacking in this drink. It has a real bitterness to it, almost like vitamins were dissolved in a Red Bull, but they tried to mask it with a bit of fruity flavoring. It was kind of a chore to make it through as much of the can as I did. I guess you have to sacrifice flavor for this kind of functionality, which is a shame but at least it does what it’s supposed to. I would definitely suggest this if you need to just power through your day with some help no matter the cost to your taste buds.

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Jason Draper on March 9th, 2014
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