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Smart Juice Organic Fig

Smart Juice Organic Fig

Friends. Ladies. Do you know what is absolutely awful for you? Fig Newtons. I don't know why because I don't think I've ever read the label and I certainly don't work in the factory at night, moonlighting as a janitor only to steal industry secrets.

As rad as that would be, except that every secret spy knows that if they take the job of a janitor, even for one day, they will at some point in their mission have to clean the ladies bathroom which, as we all know, is much worse than the men's bathroom.

This has a peculiar taste. Not bad, just different. I'm not familiar with figs outside of their delicious casing. It's almost like a black current or perhaps a red grape. It's not bitter but it is a sipping juice.

Next time you are doing espionage work at the Fig Newton factory, stop in to the juicer room where I assume they juice real figs to use down the line, and steal a sip.

No Sugar Added
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Mike Literman on March 13th, 2011
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