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Philippine Brand Four Seasons Fruit Nectar

Philippine Brand Four Seasons Fruit Nectar

"Four Seasons" starring four fruits. Watch this fall as your favorite fruits get together for the first time since high school and see what each one has been up to. In this heartwarming, yet hilarious tale, we learn about the four characters both as individuals and as a group and watch as them meet and grow apart. Tears are shed, punches are thrown and laughs are had.

We start out with Mango, a tough kid from the wrong side of the tracks meets up with Orange, a pretty, do-gooder who just wants a change of pace are playing basketball when on to the court comes Pineapple, a shifty-eyed kids that can't help but get into trouble. Finally, Guava, the youngest of the crew meets them at the mall and just doesn't leave them alone.

Together they get part time jobs at a juice factory where they made juice that tastes like them. It is a company run by Mango's dad who started it in his garage just to stay busy and out of trouble. Together they learn how to manage school, work and women all at the same time while making a nice juice that they all agree was better than almost any fruit punch. It is made with real ingredients (and heart) by four scrappy kids from all walks of life. It was not too sweet and everyone had their time in the sun.

Watch as they all say their goodbyes and go away to college but come back for a holiday several years later and talk about what their lives have become.

Find it today in your nearest gas station's "Straight to Video" bin.

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Mike Literman on January 12th, 2014
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