Fruit Paradise (1 review)

Bodum Fruit Paradise

Bodum Fruit Paradise

In the past I have complained about tea being too weak. I'll drink water when I want to drink water, thank you very much. I don't want a super strong tea because that can be overwhelming and this is teetering on the fence. I steeped it for the specified amount and it came out about as strong as I could handle. Was I in a fruit paradise? I think I was on my last day at the resort where I feel like I have done all I can there. I sang karaoke, ate the local cuisine, hung out in the pool, made a sand castle, and ate copious amounts of fruit and now I'm ready to go home. I'm enjoying my last day but looking forward to boarding the plane and just getting home.

The fruits are all in there trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible but, in doing so, they're kind of getting on your nerves. Sure, I like to come home to a made bed, but sometimes I want to not make the bed and come back how I left it. There are a lot of fruits in here including apple, elderberries, strawberry and apricots. That's a giant amount of fruit, right? It’s a veritable fruit salad. There is also hibiscus and rose hips to make this a true, herbal tea. You can taste that they are all there but indistinguishably.

Look, I don't hate this vacation and I will come back here again. I just wish everyone didn't try so hard to make my stay so "pleasant." I suppose next time I could just steep it less and/or use a larger cup.

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Mike Literman on November 5th, 2013
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