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College Club Gassosa

College Club Gassosa

What a crisp drink. I've been finding that there are some great drinks at holes in the wall. This one, like the others, was found at Black Rock Beverages. It's such a throwback. I love it. The small, reused bottles with pry-off caps are so retro, but for them, it's the way it's always been.

This was a nice, fast, sweet drink. It's close to 7-up and Sprite, but different. My friend Matt I let try it says that he likes it and doesn't like 7-up and Sprite is impressive. Like I said, it's got a sweetness and a definite citrus flavor, but nothing you can put your finger on. According to the bottle cap, it's got citrate and lemon lime extract so there you go.

If you want something different but somewhat familiar, get this. Seriously, it's $0.30. Get two. Your girlfriend is in the car waiting for you.

United States
Sugar and or Corn Sweetener
Soda Pop
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Mike Literman on September 22nd, 2010
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