Georgia Peach Tea (1 review)

Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea

Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea

What’s so funny `bout peace, love and Georgia Peach Tea? The answer is nothing, at least for the latter bit. I can’t believe it has taken Peace Tea so long to come out with a peach flavored iced tea. I feel like lemon, raspberry and peach are the staple flavors of iced tea. I could see if they were trying to go against the grain, but lemon and Razzleberry have been on the shelves for years. I can assure you it was worth the wait though.

When you’re getting 23oz of tea for 99 cents, it’s easy to assume that you’re not going to be getting quality tea. Can we all agree that Arizona is great for the price, but it’s not a quality tea by any means? I love the stuff, but it doesn’t compare to companies that flavor their tea before they brew it rather than adding flavoring to a uniform batch of black or green tea. Peace Tea falls into the same category as Arizona, but at least they sweeten their teas with real sugar (and a little sucralose to keep the sugar levels down).

This actually tastes like canned peaches, instead of some candy flavored syrup that a lot of the bigger companies use. It may not be the best peach tea I’ve ever tasted, but it’s better than most, and for the cost how can you say no? Things are a little bit slower down in Georgia, so take your time sipping on this tall can.

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Jason Draper on October 25th, 2013
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