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REBBL Superherb Tonic Ginger Citrus

REBBL Superherb Tonic Ginger Citrus

Have you ever wondered what good health tastes like? Well ponder no more because REBBL has bottled the feeling and taste in this near perfect beverage. I dare anyone to take a sip of this and not feel instantly rejuvenated. Have you had a crappy day and now you just feel completely worn out and like cold diarrhea on a paper plate? Take a drink and welcome yourself back to the functioning world. Who needs cocaine to keep the party going when you have this? Well it might not be a party, but at least you’ll feel great.

It’s actually a rather simple beverage. It’s green tea with a little bit of orange and lemon in the mix. On top of that there is some vanilla, ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, and anise. That’s a whole mess of awesome things mixed together to make something greater than its parts. It’s sweetened with stevia, but the flavor of that is completely lost amongst the other ingredients. I know what you’re asking, “Thirsty Dudes all you seem to care about is ginger; how is it in this magical bottle?” Well I’ll tell you, it’s pretty subtle. It’s there is flavor, but not in burn factor. Normally I would find that disappointing, but in here it would just take away from the rest of the greatness.

In summary this is a nice little citrus green tea with a kick. A kick that will boot you right in the butt and make you feel a little better about being alive.

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Jason Draper on July 18th, 2015
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