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Nature's Own Green Tea Ginseng & Honey

Nature's Own Green Tea Ginseng & Honey

As he sat comfortably in his seat, Alan watches as the Hudson valley passed home. He had just spent a couple days in the city and while he was feeling more refreshed than before, he was excited to sleep in his own bed. He loved visiting the city any time he could get away from his responsibilities at home and just unwind with friends. This time was different, though.

Alan was at a club and was dancing by himself, the way he liked it. Some of the songs were not his favorite but as long as he kept his feet moving he knew he would make it through the night. A girl approached him and asked him his name and how he knew his circle of friends. He replied very courteously but short. He was in a relationship and took one look at this girl and knew she was trouble. She constantly grabbed him by the waist and grabbed his hands and put them on her hips as she swayed back and forth to the music. He was no longer having fun because he was constantly awaiting the inevitable time that would come where she would lean in for a drunken kiss and he would have to dodge it. Without fail and during one of his favorite songs, she leaned in, eyes closed, tongue protruding from her mouth, beer in hand as always, and he just appeared to vanish. He walked outside the club not looking back and popped into a bodega nearby to regroup. He scanned the shelves and decided to pick out a drink. He bought an iced tea that he had never seen before and sat outside the club and started drinking it. It was good. It was sweet but it was good. It tasted like a less sweet Arizona green tea but it almost tasted like an apple juice instead of just green tea. As he was sitting outside the girl approached him outside with a very angry face. She started yelling at him in front of all the people outside smoking and waiting for cabs. He got up and just walked around the building so as to non-verbally tell her to leave him alone. She followed him around the building, yelling the entire way. Alan turned around, faced the upset girl, put his drink down, walked towards her, put his hands on her waist and kissed her. She stopped talking and kissed back and Alan promptly stopped, picked up his drink, looked at the girl and said, "Alright. That’s enough. Go back inside." and the girl, very confused went inside.

As the trees and hills and water passed Alan on the train he wondered what went through that girls head as he turned the tables on that girl and left her very confused in the parking lot. Part of him was curious and the other half couldn't care less. He took a sip of his coffee and just continued to look outside at the passing time.

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Mike Literman on March 31st, 2014
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