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Third St. Chai Black Tea Latte Honey Vanilla

Third St. Chai Black Tea Latte Honey Vanilla

Times like this are when my science skills get to shine. What sits in front of me is a delicious honey vanilla chai tea concentrate. There is a whole lot of concentrate in this bottle. The ingredients say that it’s enough for eight servings, but I just made a glass, and it barely made a dent in the bottle.

To prove I am a scientist I got out some measuring cups so that I could follow the directions exactly. When it comes to reviewing concentrates like this it’s pretty crucial to get it just right, or the favor could be completely off. Yeah, something as simple as that is still science, deal with it. The directions say to mix it with milk or milk substitute. Since I am not proud of my mutant gene that allows me to drink other creature’s milk (oh man Professor X would be so disappointed in me) I went with unsweetened almond milk. I also chose to make it the cold way instead of hot, as it’s summer and who wants to drink hot tea at 3PM in the blazing hot sun?

So I followed the directions and made myself a nice chilled glass of honey vanilla chai tea, and it is gosh darn delicious. It definitely tastes more vanilla than most chai teas I’ve had before. You also can taste the honey, which I didn’t really expect. If this is what was served to me after I just shelled over nearly $5 at a local coffee shop, I wouldn’t be upset or feel cheated. In fact if I didn’t know any better I really wouldn’t know that it was made from a concentrate. Some of the spices didn’t really mix in all that well, and I would get sip that were chock full of clove and cinnamon, but I blame that on my mix of choice. I feel like they may have mixed in better with cow milk. I actually decided to drink a second glass, and I upped the almond milk ratio a little bit, and it turned out more my speed. That’s the joy of concentrates, you can make them as weak or as strong as you’d like. Man, I really can’t wait to try this hot once the sun goes down.

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Jason Draper on August 24th, 2012
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