Icy Green Tea-Light (1 review)

Snow Icy Green Tea-Light

Snow Icy Green Tea-Light

This drink left me wanting more. It tastes like mint seltzer water. I didn't get any tea flavor and didn't get a lot of sweetness. If you are anything like my girlfriend, you drink soda water at restaurants, or even San Pelligrino, which I find undrinkable. I think people drink it because it seems like the "rich person" thing to do when I'm pretty sure that even "rich people" drink it because they see other "rich people" drinking it and secretly not liking it.

Rich people do some strange things. Honestly. One word. Madras. Cut that crap out.

Rich people might like this or they might like pretending to. Us people down in the streets, we want something that doesn't taste like your fountain pop machine ran out of syrup and the idiot behind the counter didn't notice. That on mint.

United States
Cane Sugar
Iced Tea, Soda Pop, Sparkling
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Mike Literman on August 1st, 2011
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