Japan Sencha (1 review)

Bodum Japan Sencha

Bodum Japan Sencha

There is time to play games and there is time to be serious. Now is not the time to talk about butts, cats in glasses, sandwiches with both meats and cheese in them, or corgi stuff. Now is the time to talk about things like third quarter investment strategies, medicine directions, model instructions, mathematical equations, and the complex relationship between Turkey and Sudan.

Green tea, and I mean real green tea, not canned green tea that should only be displayed in quotes, is a complex beast. It's an adult drink. A true drink for adults. It is a bitter beast that can only be tamed by an open mind and a clean palate. Once you embrace it, you really can get into it. This tea is splendid and I don't use that term lightly or at all, really. It is bitter but does something to your taste buds where it makes them crave more. Every sip is just bitter enough that you aren't offended and has a great taste at all times. It's bold and is complex and takes time to take it all in.

Look, if you're looking for just another tea to drink and chug, this is not for you. If you had a hard day and just want to go home, put on some music, sit in the dark and sip some tea, this is for you. Wait, what? You don't like to sit in the dark and listen to music and drink tea? Hmm, now I bet you're looking at me like I'm the crazy one. You are the crazy one. In the dark you can really take things in without the pesky, intrusive light bothering you.

No Sugar Added
Hot Tea
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Mike Literman on November 14th, 2013
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