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Steaz Iced Green Tea Jasmine Hibiscus

Steaz Iced Green Tea Jasmine Hibiscus

Steaz pumps out more flavors that almost any beverage company that I can think of. I feel like we get packages from them more than anyone else, and I am certainly not complaining. They manage to work out new teas, but they also keep their quality high. My only complaints seem to come from their zero calorie sweetener lines, and that’s not on them. There is only so much a company can do when they want to sweeten a beverage, but keep it zero calories. Also, I’ve had issues with their carbonated teas, but I’m simply not a fan of carbonated tea for the most part.

This is one of that flavors that stands out in a sea of greatness though. I love jasmine tea and I love all things hibiscus. I once drank multiple pots of jasmine green tea at an Asian restaurant because they kept bringing it. It was so good that I couldn’t help myself, but of course I haven’t slept since due to my caffeine intake. Mike and I have also been known to purchase obscene amounts of hibiscus tea for our pleasure drinking, which we don’t get to do much of.

Steaz has combined both nicely. One might think that combining the two would make everything too floral, but that is not the case at all. Sure, you can taste florals, but it’s not like you got into a fight at a funeral and someone shoved an arrangement down your throat. It’s nice and subtle. The hibiscus is just that, hibiscus. There is no trace of the spices that sometimes accompany this flower, but even though I love them, I don’t think they would have a place in this beverage. So it is classic hibiscus mixed with classic jasmine all of which is lightly sweetened cane sugar and just a drop of lemon juice. It’s wonderful and if someone kept pouring it into my glass I could see myself drinking a case of it before I even knew what happened.

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Jason Draper on February 7th, 2016
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