Lemon Ginger Tea (1 review)

Honeydrop Lemon Ginger Tea

Honeydrop Lemon Ginger Tea

Editor Dan is a photographer. Mainly he shoots abandoned buildings. He’s surprisingly good at it. The point of this is that he told us over the summer that he had access to a building that had a room with a glass wall. On it’s own, that is not exciting in the least bit, but then we learned that behind that glass wall the entire room was a giant bee hive. It sounds so creepy and awesome. I had just bought this bottle of Honeydrop and I knew I wanted to do a video review in front of that window.

It’s now seven months later, and we never got around to getting Dan to take us to that magical bee place, so I decided to just drink this bottle. As I’m doing so I realize I really should have done it in front of the bees, because it has such a ridiculously strong honey flavor. It is called a tea, but there is really no tea in it at all. It’s like someone had a sore throat, so they boiled some water, cut up some ginger in it, added a splash of lemon and then for every two parts of “tea” they added one part of honey. It’s definitely a drink that would traditionally be served hot, but it’s kind of nice to drink it cold. I could do without the lemon, like I could with most things that flavor. The ginger more than makes up for it though. It has a bit of a burn to it, which I always approve of. If you ever have a sore throat in the summer, you should drink this, because who wants to drink a hot beverage in the blazing sun.

Now that I think about it more, maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t drink this in proximity to a giant beehive. I know they would be separated from us by glass, but this smells and tastes so much like honey that I bet they would have found a crack to sneak through and the next thing I would know I’d be wearing a beard of bees. That is something I just don’t need.

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Jason Draper on February 18th, 2013
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