Lemon Herbal Iced Tea (1 review)

Hey Mama! Tea For Mommies Lemon Herbal Iced Tea

Hey Mama! Tea For Mommies Lemon Herbal Iced Tea

To be a woman is rough. If this is any indication of what motherhood is like, it sucks. I've got a kid and child rearing also is very difficult and, at times, sucks. If I knew that the action of carrying a baby tastes like a lemon V8, then I might propose adoption to my increasingly unfortunate "baby mama."

This is a lemon red tea. There is raspberry in it but the lemon is real lemony and overwhelming. If you made yourself a nice, cool glass of red tea and then took one of those little bottles of lemon juice and just went haywire and squirted an excessive amount in it, you would have this. I, with every sip, do not know what's happening in here. It's just so overwhelmingly lemon flavored that it distracts from any other flavor.

Maybe, as a man, I am missing the point that...I don't know, lemons are really good for pregnant women? As a man, who is not pregnant at this current point in time, this is not for me.

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Organic Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar
Iced Tea, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Mike Literman on February 10th, 2015
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