Lemon Rose (1 review)

Blossom Water Lemon Rose

Blossom Water Lemon Rose

Life has been hectic lately; your job has been crazy and you’re boss has been on you all week about the Johnson report, the snow melted and flooded your basement, and on top of that you’re kid has been acting like a real jerk. You my friend need to stop and smell the proverbial roses. Actually, why don’t you take that a step further and drink those self same botanicals. Blossom Water makes it easy for you with their lemon rose water.

I’ve been putting off drinking this for a few weeks, because my head was filled with thoughts of old lady perfume, and I certainly don’t want that in my mouth. I finally sucked it up today, quite literally. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that while this did not taste like formal date night at the local seniors home, it did taste exactly how a rose smells. I’ve never actually tasted a rose before, but no one can argue that they do not have a very distinct smell. This beverage is that smell distilled.

It’s strange that this smells more of lemon than any sort of flower, but the taste is all rose, with a little bit of erythritol to sweeten it up. The lemon is completely overshadowed by the creepily accurate (at least I assume) rose flavor. The first couple of sips leave you feeling like there is no way you could drink an entire bottle, even though the taste is surprisingly pleasant. I thought that maybe I’d get through a third of the bottle, but now that I’m there I’ve become acclimated to it, and I just want to keep going. There is something with these Blossom Water drinks that is right on the money, and I hope their empire grows and grows.

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Jason Draper on January 18th, 2014
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