Lotus Pear (1 review)

China Mist Organic Green Tea Lotus Pear

China Mist Organic Green Tea Lotus Pear

I don't like pears. Pears to me are just crappy apples. They're too hard, the taste is weak, and they look like apples and sometimes surprise me in things like fruit salad and regular salad.

That being said, I like this drink. I don't know what the taste of a lotus is, but I can tell you that this does taste vaguely of pears, but it's not bad. It gives you a nice, ultra-low, sweet/fruit taste, not unlike a real garbage pear. I personally like the taste it leaves you with. It's like a sweetish/tartish/bitterness taste. I would take a sip, swallow, and leave that strange lingering taste for a good thirty seconds to a minute before I would take another sip. It might be from the green tea, but it's a different bitterness that I'm not really used to and is hard to place.

All in all, it was a good drink. I didn't buy it so if it was up to me, I wouldn't have bought it because of my undying hatred for pears, but since it was in my possession, I'm happy that I took this nice voyage.

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No Sugar Added
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on December 11th, 2010
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