Mate Lemonade + Guarana (1 review)

Agua Enerviva Lo Cal Natural Energy Mate Lemonade + Guarana

Agua Enerviva Lo Cal Natural Energy Mate Lemonade + Guarana

Sadly this is a pretty big bottle of mediocrity. I thought that mate lemonade would be pretty interesting but instead, I was served some sort of light juice that doesn't really taste much like lemonade or mate. Odd how that happened. It actually tastes a bit diet, but not too much. I'm just kind of milling over the taste but from what was advertised to what was delivered, they are worlds apart. This drink was fruity but light almost like if you had some guarana Vitamin Water.

I didn't know what it would taste like as mate is inherently pretty bitter and lemonade is sour or tart. Together I thought that it would have given my tongue a run for it's money, a phrase that my tongue doesn't understand because it doesn't work and as many times as I've tried to become a famed voice-over actor, it decided to work by spouting off negativity, sarcasm, and unfortunately misdirected wit.

I might have the energy to complete my day due to the caffeine in both mate and guarana, but I didn't particularly enjoy the path to get there.

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Cane Sugar
Diet, Energy Drink, Lemonade, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Mike Literman on August 22nd, 2012
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