Mojo Berry (1 review)

Sipp Sparkling Eco Beverage Mojo Berry

Sipp Sparkling Eco Beverage Mojo Berry

The other flavor of Sipp I had was absolutely incredible. It was one of the best beverages that I have come across in my time here at Thirsty Dudes. With this one they missed the mark a bit.

I love cherries and cherry flavored things. I am not a huge fan of black cherry beverages. I also love berries, all kinds including blackberries, which happen to be my favorite. This drink doesn't taste so much like blackberries as it does a black cherry version of a berry. I don't mean it tastes like black cherry, but whatever the difference is between a regular cherry and a black cherry is what is happening to this berry. I wonder if it's the mint interfering with the blackberry. At first I didn't think I could taste mint, but when I think about it there is a flavor that very well might be the mint. The lime? The lime is fine. It's right where it should be.

I'd like to try this without the mint. I think I would really like it then. Now it's just kind of there. It's not good or bad like uncooked celery.

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Organic Agave Syrup
Soda Pop, Sparkling
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Jason Draper on September 7th, 2011
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