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Grand Teton Brewing Company Kettle Brewed Soda Mountain Berry

Grand Teton Brewing Company Kettle Brewed Soda Mountain Berry

Climbing to the top of the Grand Teton Mountains, you have to remember one thing; bring a basket. You have to earn your keep so on your trip up, you have to pick berries of all shapes and sizes to get juiced. People live atop the mountain. You didn't know that? Yeah. Some people who are scared of heights live up there. They climbed it to try and beat their fear of heights but forgot that climbing is only half the voyage. They got scared, acted resourcefully, and set up a little tiny town. Now, everyone who climbs has to, by law, bring up food and drinks for the people. Trouble is, they're vegetarians so you can forget bringing any meat. For those that forget, you have to strap a basket to yourself and you and everyone around you picks berries on their way up the mountain for the people.

When you bring it up, they've got a little operation of people that juice them and for the thousands of dollars you spend on the trip up, they will make you a bottle of pop with it. It's not bad either. It's a bit fruity but they don't have a lot to work with. Huckleberry, Blueberry and Blackberry together would make a better juice than it does a pop but don't tell them. They work really hard. It's fruity and pretty sweet but it just seems like if you didn't carbonate it and left in some of the pulp from the fruit you could have a really great juice.

Next time you climb, if you do, don't forget a couple of cans and jars of food. They're picky. They also don't like lima beans as a community. They voted on it. It's weird.

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Mike Literman on September 23rd, 2014
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