Nutcracker Sweet (1 review)

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea Nutcracker Sweet

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea Nutcracker Sweet

If you drink enough tea like me, you really get a feel for quality. For instance, a tea that comes in a tin that you can see the fruits (if applicable) or leaves or any sort of additives, that's a good tea. It's proof that what they say is in there is in there. You can see it. That's a chunk of chocolate. That's a dried strawberry. That's a strand of dried green tea leaves. That's tea.

This tea is not terrible but it is most certainly of a lower quality than a lot of the hot tea I have been drinking as of late. What's good about it? Well it tastes pretty good is what's good. It's a black tea that actually does have some natural tea taste with some cinnamon and I think some vanilla for good measure. It is certainly a "black tea with cinnamon" versus Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy, which is like a fantastic Fireball. It's not bad. It's certainly not a summer tea because something about the taste just reminds me of winter. In this state of what winter has done to my psyche, I want winter to be as far away from me as possible.

Personal sentiments aside, it really isn't bad at all. Whoever I "borrowed" this from at my office, thank you. I will repay you with one bag the seemingly endless tea bags upon my desk of your choice.

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Mike Literman on March 18th, 2014
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