Orange Passion +Guarana (1 review)

Agua Enerviva Lo Cal Natural Energy Orange Passion +Guarana

Agua Enerviva Lo Cal Natural Energy Orange Passion +Guarana

Three things:

A. If your flavor has the word passion in it, I’m going to believe that it is passion fruit flavored. This doesn’t have passion fruit in it, nor does it taste like it. Instead it has the traditional orange drink flavor of Tang.

B. I expected this to have an insane diet taste, but the mixing of the cane sugar and sucralose isn’t bad at all. There isn’t much diet flavor to it.

C. The only thing in it that makes it an energy drink is caffeine from guarana. I don’t think that actually qualifies this as an energy drink. If it does, than Coke or Pepsi should also be considered.

Overall this isn’t a bad drink. Sure the name of the flavor isn’t very fitting, but I like the way it tastes. Also, they were able to keep the calories down without sacrificing too much of the taste. I can’t argue with that.

United States
Cane Sugar
Diet, Energy Drink, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Jason Draper on August 18th, 2012
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