Organic Green Tea Yumberry (1 review)

Arizona Tea Water Organic Green Tea Yumberry

Arizona  Tea Water Organic Green Tea Yumberry

We can all agree that green tea is great, correct? Out of all the teas in the world that I have tasted it can stand the highest on it’s own; no sweeteners, no added flavors, just tea leaves boiled in water and left to cool. It’s wonderful, it’s refreshing and it’s all I really need. I mean I like more, but I don’t need it.

I’m assuming with their Tea Water line Arizona is trying to make a lighter tea, that doesn’t have as many calories as their regular line, but doing so without using zero calorie sweeteners that effect the taste a lot, no matter what anyone says. I appreciate what they are going for here. There is almost always far too much sugar in drinks these days, and I certainly enjoy a light tea. What I have a problem with was the solution they came up with. They may have started using a lower tea to water ratio so that it was a weaker tea and added less sugar to the result, but I’m willing to wager that they brewed a regular batch of their green tea and watered it down to nearly nothing. The end result is a watered down tea that is slightly sweet, but in the way that tastes like you watered it down yourself, not before it was sweetened. The small amount of sugar used tastes stretched out. I imagine the sugar feels like Marty McFly when his hand starts fading away. It’s uncertain as to whether it will still exist at all by the end of the bottle.

I myself prefer a stronger tea, but I have no major qualms with the weaker variety. It is my humble belief that they should have forgone the sweetener altogether. The use of no sweetener as compared to very little washed out sweetener would have made this far more enjoying. It wouldn’t have seemed like they were trying to pull one over on the consumer by just stretching their beverages. They could have watered down the tea a bit more to keep the Tea Water name. I’m sure that was a marketing ploy. In a world where Vitamin Water reigns supreme at gas stations, something called “Tea Water” would probably spark more interest then something that says “Unsweetened Tea.”

I will say that I do really enjoy the yumberry flavor to this. Light everything in the drink it’s light. I appreciate that this is all organic and it’s really that trace amount of sugar that is bringing this whole line down.

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Jason Draper on July 22nd, 2013
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