Organic Iced Black (1 review)

Tazo Organic Iced Black

Tazo Organic Iced Black

There is so much sugar in everything. Everyone is getting so fat that Coke just made a "responsible" size so that people aren't just drinking giant, twenty ounce bottles all day. It's nuts. People should have the self control to know that enough is enough. Just because you have twenty ounces available, doesn't mean that you need to drink twenty ounces. I'm not calling you fat but I am saying that you should watch what you eat because you're getting a bit portly. That's nicer, right?

This is a step in the right direction. There are two servings but at thirty-five calories a service, I'll slam this whole bottle and not look back. All the walking around the office I do, I probably burned them up. Up and down the stairs and back and forth from one desk to another probably nixed those bad boys. Can you tell I know nothing about nutrition or fitness?

The tea itself is a simple, black tea. Lightly sweetened with no bite, but a clean, black tea. This is like a tea you could make at home. That simple. It's done well, though and you get the feeling that you're doing all right for yourself. This drink is the raise you earned for hard work. This drink is the A+ on that tough Economics 101 test you just did. This drink is the clean car you get after a car wash. It's a good feeling. This is good and I got it for a steal at a local discount store. Could I ask for more? I submit that I could not.

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Mike Literman on June 13th, 2012
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