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Owl's Brew Pink & Black

Owl's Brew Pink & Black

On recommendation of the generous woman that gave us this drink, I mixed this with seltzer water. Now what did I think of it. Let me would you feel if someone gave you a hand-crafted tea mixed with your favorite ingredients? Huh? Tough one, right? How much could it possibly suck to have something like a darjeeling tea with hibiscus, strawberry, and lemon peel in it? Hmm. That's a good one. These are tough questions you are asking, brain. You can tell, because you're my brain, that I am being facetious‎ because clearly it's freaking awesome.

Starting from the outside in, this is a piece of art as much as it is delicious. It comes in a heavy-duty matte black, glass bottle. You open that bad boy up and it is fruity and floral and inviting. I did what they said which was two parts Owl's Brew to one part sparkling water. I drank a glass of it without even flinching. It tastes like it smells like, and it smells how it tastes, back and forth. It is a true gift for many of your senses.

You can buy this online. I encourage you to do so. If you are in the New York City region, this can be found on shelves. It might seem like a lot but come on. Be honest. You've spent more on dumber things. This is worth it. Split it with a friend if you can't seem to make ends meet on it. You can sit and talk about how the job market blows together over your high echelon tea mix and feel like you are working that dreadful office job you don't want but if they call you back, you know you're going to take it. Hey, they've got cheap vending machines in the office, free garbage coffee, casual Friday's, and the receptionist you saw when you walked in for the interview is at least a seven. Sevens count when times are tough, man. We can't all be hanging around with dimes all the time. Got to put it into perspective.

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Mike Literman on March 20th, 2014
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Pink & Black
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