Pomegranate Burst (1 review)

Good Earth Green Tea Pomegranate Burst

Good Earth Green Tea Pomegranate Burst

They are on to something here. I wish I was a scientist. Well, I wish I was a scientist a lot actually but now I can actually think of a situation where I would use my skills. I wish I was a scientist so that I could pull out my cool pocket microscope and look at what's going on in this bag of tea. There's got to be some sort of concentrate of juice in there and I want to see the flavor crystals because let's face it, all flavor comes in crystals. Since 1996 when Ice Breakers gum came out and their flavor was in crystals, all flavor has been contained within the confides of crystals.

This is titled "Pomegranate Burst" but that might have gotten lost in translation because this tastes like cherries. Also, since we, nay, I, are talking about how this tasted, this is like a 70% juice and 30% tea. I don't know what you want in something that comes in a tea bag. It's listed as a green tea but that is simply the carrier for the juice.

Whether it's cherry or pomegranate, it's good. Whether it's tea or juice, it's good. Whether you ate the wrapper or not with your Ice Breakers gum, it was good. Ice Breakers gum came out almost two decades ago and I'm recalling it like it was yesterday. That's very strange. I don't know if I like it or not. I like this tea, a lot. I don't know if I like how I aged myself back there.

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Mike Literman on June 3rd, 2015
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